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LEAPS & 21st Century Users: New Question Re: Sustainability (4/9/2014)
A newly added question regarding project sustainability has been added to the "Project Design" page for both the LEAPS and 21st Century programs. Users who have already completed these pages will now receive an error message stating that they have not entered this information. Please check your application and if you have not already done so, answer this question. If you have any questions, please contact
IMPORTANT: New Procedure for printing from ePlan (3/28/2014)

The vendor has developed a new procedure for printing your funding applications and pages. This will enable you to continue working on your computer while the system is calling up lengthy files. Print jobs are being sent to the top portion of your Document Library. Note: no one outside of your LEA can view these links. Below is a breakdown of the process:

1.       Click the link to print from the Sections page of your funding application;

2.      The system will bring up a Print Request screen. This screen will display the name of the document and user information. No entry is needed on this screen. Simply click “Print” or “Cancel.”

3.      Your computer will bring up a screen that says “Generating Document.” This will display for a maximum of 30 seconds.

4.      If the print job is small (30 seconds), the next screen will display “The print request has been completed.”

5.      If the print job is large (over 30 seconds), you will receive the message “The Print Request is taking a long time to complete. It has been submitted for completion and you will be notified via email when it is complete.” You may continue working while your job is being processed.

6.      For lengthy print jobs, you will receive an email from ePlan when they are completed.

7.      All funding application print jobs are being sent to the top portion of your Document Library. The links to your print jobs will remain in your Document Library for five days. The Document Library will show the names of the print requests, the dates requested, and the expiration dates. Also available are links to delete print jobs if desired.

Welcome CTE Users (2/20/2014)

Here is Some User Access Information

The new User Access Form, which includes the CTE ePlan access roles, is available for download in the Document Library.  On the form, CTE Directors who work on the Perkins Basic (Local Plan) application will want to check the box for CTE Perkins Basic Director (under Funding Application Roles).  If you are also the person who will be working on the CTE Reserve application, you must also check the box for CTE Perkins Reserve.  Each funding application role is separate, so if you plan on working on both applications, please check both boxes.  Additionally for users who will work on High Schools that Work applications, there is a separate box for that access.

Please note that the Fiscal Update role (bookkeeper) can request funds from any funding application.  Many of the individuals who request CTE funds are already ePlan users.  If your CTE bookkeeper is not already an ePlan user, please submit a form for access for that individual.  Also please make sure that fiscal update users, particularly those who are new to ePlan, attend the Spring Fiscal Workshops.

Also note that users with Fiscal Representative approval access and LEA Authorized Representative Approval access can work in and approve any funding application in ePlan.  Ultimately the LEA Authorized Representative should be your Director of Schools.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Help Desk at (615) 253-5209.

FTTT Year 5 Scopes of Work Uploads (2/12/2014)

LEAs may upload their Year Five FTTT  Scopes of Work in the LEA Document Library. A training module on how to use the LEA Document Library is available in the Document Library (regular Document Library, not LEA Document Library) under the heading “ePlan Training.” Here is a condensed explanation of the process:

  1. Log into ePlan
  2. Click on the LEA Document Library from the homepage
  3. Click on “Expand All”
  4. Under the heading “2014” click the link “Edit Documents” next to the text for the Year Five FTTT Scopes of Work
  5. To download the template, click on the link “Year Five FTTT Scopes of Work Template” next to the text for Document Template
  6. To upload the completed document, click the link “Create New Document”
  7. Fill in the textbox for Document Name
  8. Click “Choose File” and upload the completed document(s)
  9. NOTE: You may upload your Year Five FTTT Scopes of Work with any level of ePlan access
  10. If you have uploaded your completed Year Five FTTT Scopes of Work and need to upload a revised version, simply click the garbage can next to the filename of your previously submitted file to delete and upload your new document, beginning with Step 6 above
Title III Improvement Plan - in the Document Library (11/20/2013)
Located under the heading "Guidance" - "Title III"
Contacts Page (5/2/2013)
LEA project directors (such as Title I, Migrant, Homeless, IDEA, etc.) must have ePlan user access in order to be listed on the CONTACTS page of the funding (consolidated) application. Please ensure that your project directors have User Access Forms on file with the Office of Consolidated Planning & Monitoring. If any of your project directors do not need to work in the ePlan system, please complete a User Access Form and mark the access as "LEA Data View." A document describing the ePlan user access roles is included in the DOCUMENT LIBRARY.
ePlan Training (2/25/2014)

Fiscal Users

For ePlan fiscal users from all programs, there will be ePlan fiscal training for reimbursement requests and other ePlan fiscal functions at the Spring Fiscal Workshops. Please contact with questions about fiscal training.

CTE Program Users

CTE funding application training will be held in conjunction with the March CTE Director Study Council meetings. Please contact your CTE CORE Consultant if you have any questions.

21st Century / LEAPS Users

Funding application training announcements will be sent to 21st Century/LEAPS Project Directors from the TDOE Office of Extended Learning Programs. For questions, please contact

ESEA / IDEA Consolidated Application Users

Funding application announcements have been sent to LEAs. Training will be in April. For questions, please contact

Other Programs

Funding application training will be help in the coming months. Notifications will be sent to LEAs from the TDOE program offices for each respective program.

Steps for Creating a Reimbursement Request in ePlan (6/28/2013)

(please refer to the iTunes instructional video module 4.1 for Reimbursement Requests under "Fiscal Functions")

  1. Your funding application (original--Rev 0 version of the application) MUST be approved (LEA Authorized Representative Approved) in order to create a reimbursement request. If you are creating a revision, you may request funds according to the budget within your most recently approved funding application. Any newly budgeted amounts within revisions will take affect when that revision is LEA Authorized Rep Approved.
  2. Log into ePlan
  3. From the left menu bar, choose Reimbursement Request (RR)
  4. Select the specific grant to be reimbursed (Title I-A, Title III, etc.)
  5. Click on“Create Reimbursement Request”
  6. Click“Confirm” on the next screen to verify that you wish to create an RR
  7. You will now be in “Draft Started” status and able to create the RR
  8. Click“Expenditure Detail”
  9. Enter expenditures for which you are requesting reimbursement in the appropriate lines on the Expenditure Detail page. Remember, always enter year-to-date expenditures
  10. After YTD expenditures are entered, click on “Sections” and select “Fiscal Summary”
  11. On the Fiscal Summary page, enter a date into the “Fiscal information as of” line; this is the date through which you are requesting reimbursement
  12. ePlan will calculate the amount of the reimbursement due
  13. Go to“Sections” page to review validation messages
  14. Once any validation errors have been resolved, return to “Sections” page and move RR into “Draft Completed” status.  This will send the request to the TDOE for approval.

Please contact your fiscal consultant or Maryanne Durski ( with any questions or if other assistance is needed.

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